Kraków to Wroclaw. Kraków to Wroclaw. 

Dear readers, 

For the next few days, we only have one day in each city. So in order to see as much as possible, we’re trying to get up gangster early so we can see everything in each city while we still have light. 
Oh oh oh! Also readers, Dunc drank tap water and it made him sick. Yours truly told him not to, and that a 1.50 zloty bottle of water was worth the price, but he didn’t. It wasn’t bad sickness, just for like half a day. But I was right, he was wrong. 
After a filling breakfast we jammed out to hop on a train.  

There was a lady and her daughter in our little train room. The girl was like 13, and her mom gave her cigarettes to go out and smoke when we were at a stop. It was super weird. 
When we got to Wroclaw it was super cold and snowing/freezing rain. We buttoned up our coats and prepared for a long trek to our hostel. 

We already could tell on the walk we loved this town. A lot like Kraków but a lot less touristy. 

We checked into our hostel and quickly asked where we should get food. The girl sent us to a place she said was food a polish grandmother would make. Yes please.  

Goulash. It was amazing, and like $2 a plate. 

After that we explored the city with what light we had left in the day. 

Despite the weather, we fell in love. We both feel like this is a much more livable city than Kraków. Kinda wish we’d spent two days here. 

There were so many churches and sights in the old town. We barely saw everything we could before dusk set in. 

The main square was beautiful. I likes it more than Kraków. 

Absolutely stunning city. 


After walking the old town, it started to get dark, so we headed over to the university district. Apparently every night, a guy goes around and lights every gas light in the area. We were told he was super hard to catch, but we tried anyway. 

  Not a great picture, but that’s the dude right there! Lighting the lights. He had a sweet cape so we decided to follow him around a bit.   
After heading back to the hostel for a few, we went back out to see a few more things before an early night.    
  We went to a craft beer bar, had a few snacks a beer. I had a double IPA. It was really good.  
We headed home to get some sleep. Ready to do it all again tomorrow. 


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