Ukraine to Poland. Border guards hate our face. 

Dear readers, 

We get up early intending to have a very long day to get from L’viv to Kraków.  

After an obligatory coffee, perhaps the best of the trip we set out to the bus station. We had to take a bus to the Polish border, walk across, catch another bus to the closest town with a train station, and take a five hour train to Kraków.  

But first we had to walk to the train station. 

After getting our tickets, and figuring out the platform, we headed to a little market to grab some meat, cheese and bread for the day. 

The bus wasn’t very crowded when we left the station. This would change very quickly unbeknown to us. 

The bus just kept picking up people along the way. There were 25 seats(we counted) and there must have been 50 people on the bus. They just kept packing on. Between the butts, elbows, and huge stomachs crushing me, it was a very long two hours. Dunc got the window seat….

Our bus. 

We began to walk to the border with everybody else. 

The Ukrainian border wasn’t bad, they just mean-mugged us a bit and sent us through. 

As soon as we got to the border guards after getting our bags searched, they looked at our passports, asked us some very odd questions, took our passports and made us sit in a tiny horrible room. 

We ended up sitting there for the better part of an hour, which is obviously exactly what someone who has to pee super bad wants to do. They just kept bringing new guards by, pointed at us and had a little convo, then nothing. Then finally, the called us out of the room, gave us our passports back and then said “you may go.” For fucks sake. 

We were less than amused. 

But we were on our way. In Poland, and ready to get going. What a waste of time. 

We walked around the little border town, looking for the bus stop. This was more difficult than it seems. Finally we found it, got on the bus, and headed to Przemysl to try to catch a train to Kraków. 

After getting train tickets, we had an hour to kill, so we crushed a ton of perogis, and chilled out for a bit without getting stabbed by pointy elbows. 

It had been an exhausting day, so we tried to get a few z’s on the train. 
After getting into Kraków, it was much later than we planned. We made it to the hostel, stashed our shit and met the couchsurfing dude, Den, who was going to show us around town. 

He took us around the old town, saw some sights and had a couple drinks. 

A Kraków specialty, mulled beer, was a great way to end the night. 

We headed back, and slept in our hostel room, a 14 bed room. Our first non-private room of the trip. 

Until tomorrow, readers. 


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