Kraków. So many sights, all day long. Plus a lot of meat on one plate. 

Hello readers, 

Our day in Kraków, was just a solid day of sights. We did a walking tour by ourselves. Kraków being as big of a city as it is, took us all day. 

The market square in Kraków is the biggest in all of Europe, it’s pretty amazing. 



There are lots of promoters for stop clubs and people trying to accost you for pretty much everything. Den taught us how the locals say “thanks” in slang, and it worked like a charm. Anytime anybody tried to say anything to you, you just say “jenky” a few times and they think you are a local and leave you alone. 


A lot of medieval fortifications and such everywhere. Kraków is very well put together and easy to navigate. 


This was the cloth merchants hall. 


We climbed up to the castle at the far end of town. 


The castle was super epic, so epic the pope lived there for a bit. 


We kept walking around town, checking out what we could. 

Still we tried to see a bit more before we got too tired. 


Meat Cushions? 



We went back, tried to rest for a few minutes before going out to dinner. We decided to go to one of the touristy spots on the market square. It was great. 


So much meat

After dinner, we met up with den for a little bit. We wanted to say thank you and see a few more places before we called it an early night. 



Headed to bed, another long day behind us and many to come. 

Readers, we leave for Wroclaw in the morning. 


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