L’viv day one. Everybody blame Dunc because it’s his fault. 

 Dear readers, everything is Duncs fault.  
We get off the train. Some angry Ukrainian lady just woke us up to make sure we got off the train on time, so we we’re ready for awesomeness. 


 It being 6:30 in the morning, it was still dark. We had until 2pm to get into our air bnb, so we decided to take our time walking into town. 
That is seriously Ukrainian X factor. 

This guy is Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch. The very first masochist. The bar behind him we find out about later. Spoiler alert* that’s why Dunc is an asshole. 

Soon we needed coffee to keep going, so we went to a local coffee roaster. 

We had a ton of time to kill, and our travel book had a walking tour of the old town in it. We decided to lug our bags around and make it happen. 

The old opera house was pretty amazing. This city has a much more European look to it than Kiev. 

Many of the sights on the walking tour were churches. 

Dunc didn’t want to at first, but I convinced him to hike up the large hill in town with our bags. It wasn’t easy. But worth it. 


The top of castle hill was amazing. Such a great view. 

After a very laborious morning we decided to take a break. It was pretty sweet just hanging, getting to take our backpacks off, but super cold. 


Then we went to some place that was advertising very cheap food, so we had a few plates of Vereniky(dumplings) and a beer. The bill was like $2. 


Then we got into our air bnb showered and took a nap. Sleeping on a train is not very fruitful. 


We decided to treat ourselves, because we had not spent much money. We went to a very old Austro-Hungarian restaurant specializing in Wild game. They had menus in English. That was sweet. 

They have these everywhere. Not sure what they are. 

Then we went to brewery we saw and decided to have a beer before heading back to our place. 

The beer was epic. 

And the stout was called Obama. Haha

Then we met this large group that all worked in a souvenir shop in town, so their English was great. They invited us to go to a very famous bar called Masoch. We didn’t know what was in store. Let’s just say, Dunc is to blame. 

Let’s just say, Dunc colluded with them to get me and another girl whipped by a lady and candle wax dripped on us. Not my impression of a fun time, but I tried to play along thinking it wouldn’t be that bad. Holy fuck. That was really painful. 

 Dunc has all the photos of how irreparably fucked the welts on my back were. Everybody got whipped, that is part of the whole thing, but I was not amused. I blame Dunc. I will get him back. 
Sorry for the delay in posts, readers. The Internet is really shitty. I’ll post more soon. 


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