L’viv day two. I love Ukraine. Everybody come here. 

Dear readers, 

After getting out of bed we met our tour guide from couch surfing named Igor. He brought his lady Ivanka, it was Valentine’s Day so this is understandable. 

Igor took us to the top of the tower in the middle of town to get some other good views. 

We soon met up with their other friend Krista and headed to see some sights outside of the center of town. 

Then we went to lunch at Big Belly House again! Ukrainians love this place, and I have to admit, for a cafeteria, it’s amazing. 

Then we went to Igors favorite bar to try a Ukrainian delicacy. Dunc was excited. 

A salt dried fish. Whole. It smelled awful. Especially as Igor ripped it apart. 

Smelled bad. Tasted ok. I actually didn’t mind it too much. Dunc had different views. 

Then we went to a restaurant that has a river flowing in it. Dunc wore this mask. 

Then we walked across town to go to this place that was way underground. The cheese was crazy good. 

After that we went back to center to try to go to a very famous restaurant that everyone suggested that we go to. It was called Криївка. 

The line was so long we decided to bag it and try somewhere else.

Everywhere was bonkers, so we kept looking around. 

No joke, the restaurant that we tried to get in has a floor of only midget servers. 

After many failed attempts to get into places, we went back to Криївка and the line wasn’t that long, so we waited. 

It was all themed pro Ukrainian uprising. You seriously need a password to enter, when you get inside the guy with a fake AK47 gives you a shot of honey vodka, and sends you into bunkers. 

The food was amazing. And the lights went out for a while while they went around with fake guns looking for Russians. 

After that Igor wanted to take us to see one more place. One of the most expensive places in town. 

You knock a random door in an apartment complex and this old guy opens the door in a bathrobe. Then he asks you into his apartment for some tea. After you hang out with him for a bit, he asks you if you will help him clean his bathroom. You have to say yes, because the bathroom door is the door to the restaurant. 

More shots of us goofing off in Криївка. 

We turned in early, we’ve got a long day ahead of us. 

Next chapter: Polish border guards don’t like our faces. 


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