Kiev. Day Two. The Reckoning. 

So we wake up. Things are things. We go back to big belly house. I can’t confirm or deny Duncs excitement for porridge.  

Not only was it not porridge,(it was mashed potatoes,) but Dunc also suddenly had a hangover. 

Breakfast was a whopping $4 dollars because Dunc got the fucking orange juice squeezed right in front of you. 

After checking out of our hostel and stashing our bags we set out for the day. Our train was at 10:41pm so we so much time to kill. 

We began another walk through Kiev. Heading south, our plan was to hit a bunch of parks and gardens before meeting up with Margarita again, she planned to take us to a few more monuments. 

We went to the city park. Many of the monuments do t explain anything, so we just guess what they mean. 

Kiev is insanely massive, 4 million dudes here. 

Crows is different here. 

A palace. 

This was crazy, they had nooses hanging around. No clue. 

I want to know who these guys pants guy is. Seriously epic pants. I think they are about to touch hands, and they probably talked about theirs pants when they woke up. 

This is a famine museum. Apparently they’ve had a ton of them.  

We went to an amazing monastery. 


  After showing us the monastery and other monuments, Margarita took us to some of the more famous Metro stations. This one was the most beautiful with another being the deepest in the world. Gnarly escalators. Serious death traps if you ask me. 
We went to a massive park to peep some views before we headed back. 

Let’s just go ahead and say the train station was confusing. Nobody spoke English and our Ukrainian, although getting better, is no where near conversational. 

We drank some water(with gas) and had some sangwitches. Then we finally figured out to get to our train. 

Our train was sweet. We got on, got merry, and got sleeping. To wake up in L’viv in the early morning. 

Thanks dear readers. More coming soon. 


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