Kiev. Holy shit, I love this place.

Dear Readers, 

I love this town. So cheap, so fun. So everything.  

We woke up, and looked out the window. Real cold and tons of snow flakes falling. We got dressed and prepared to enter the storm. After asking the people at the front desk where we should eat breakfast, we went to a place that translates into Big Belly House in English. It was awesome, and of course gangster cheap. 

We could tell a storm was beggining, but we had no idea how big it would be. We still had a couple hours before we were to meet our tour guide (a girl from couch surfing, that offered to show us the city,) so we decided to explore our neighborhood for a while. 

Went back to our hostel and got warmer clothes on, it was getting cold.  

It was getting wild out there, but we kept pressing on. 

We stated getting pretty wet, after walking around for a while so we started looking for a place to warm up for a bit. 

We found a craft beer cellar. It was lovely, and this giant bottle of beer was like $1 and change. 

Obviously I know what this says. 

After walking around for a few hours, it was finally time to meet up with Margarita. We waited in a square called Kontractiva, but the snow was coming down so hard we hid under some trees like some creepy dudes until she showed up. 

Everybody was soaked, so we make like a tree and went to a place for lunch and a much needed warming up. Dunc had been dreading borch, because he apparently hates beets so we made him eat it. He loved it. 

Now we are feeling pretty good, we’ve got some food in our bellies, we’re warm and we’re ready to explore Kiev. Oh and the snow stopped falling. 

This was a famous writer. We were supposed to touch his nose? 

As we entered the downtown area, we found impressive building after impressive building. This city is amazing. So big, and so beautiful. 

To be continued, dear readers. 


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