Kiev. Day one pt. deux. 

The monuments and churches in Kiev are spectacular. So much gold! 

The oldest bell tower in Ukraine. 

  Independence square! 

The main drag is pretty epic. They close it down on Sunday’s for stuff I guess. We weren’t told what. 

Homegirl then took us to some really famous restaurant call the fat lion. It reminded me of a Ukrainian TGI Fridays or something like that. We had different types of infused vodkas, pepper(hot as shit) and horseradish. Dunk hated the the horseradish, I loved it.  

She made us eat raw pig lard. We weren’t huge fans but apparently all Ukrainians love it. 

The croutons were so hard they could break teeth. Sorry for the potato quality photo. 

Then we got on the metro. This was the longest and steepest escalator I’ve ever seen. 

  We went to a neighborhood north east of Kiev called Oberon. 
Pizza and beer! 

Thanks Margarita for showing us around. We had such a great day. 

When we left we went the wrong direction on the metro. That was interesting. Our ability to read Cyrillics is non existent. We finally made it home. Ready for one more day in Kiev before we take an overnight train to Lviv. 
Later readers. Be well, do good work, and keep in touch. 


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