First night in Kiev, first night of obsurd cheapness. 

Dear readers, 

Quickly after our day in Riga, we found ourselves in Kiev. Some dude picked us up from the airport, the sign said “Brent Duncan.” I guess that’s what Dunc’s given name is, so we followed the dude to his most un-legit car. Seat belts did not exist in said car. We zoomed off to our hostel in Kiev in a neighborhood called Podil. 

We checked in to our hostel and went to the cafe downstairs. It was inhabited by primarily kids barely over the age of 20 playing board games. Whatever. We feasted. Seriously, we ate 2 courses and had 2 beers each and the Bill, not a dude, the check was all of 300 grivna. The Google says that’s $11.26. So that’s rad. 

Then we grabbed our jackets and walked up a huge hill into downtown. 

We were trying to find a bar suggested to us by the front desk girl at the hostel, but the fact that it was super dark, and the alphabet is not our own presented some issues. So after some aimless searching, we stumbled into a Latin bar called Buena Vista. We grabbed a beer, costing 30 grivna, aka one actual dollar, and chilled. Soon we met an American dude named Nick, living in eastern Ukraine with his wife. He was super cool and gave us a ton of advise of shit to do.  

After a cold walk home, and a trip to the grocery for water (tap water no good,) we are settled in now. 

Going to sleep. Ready for a big day Manana. Get ready readers, the trip begins. Ok, obviously it’s already begun, but now we’re not on any planes anymore. Love you dear readers. 


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