Riga, Riga, Riga. You so cool.

Dear Readers,

Seriously, how much can you do in 4 hours in a big city? Answer: if the city is this amazing and walkable… Everything. 

After waking up from an incredible slumber, we packed up our shit, threw away all the nonsense that accumulated in our pockets(receipts, bus/train/metro tickets, and used birding passes,) and left our room. We crushed some garbage free  coffee, and got some guidance about what to do with our day. First we tackle what is apparently Europes largest open air market.  

We needed breakfast too.   

We each had a pickle, and a chocolate covered poppy seed thingy. It was a total of .53€. Let’s break that down for those of you without a calculator on your smartphone. .20€ for each delicious pastry and .13€ for 2 pickles. I picked the pickles with a ton of garlic and they picked our mouths with heaps of briny deliciousness. Remind me to eat more pickles for breakfast. 

Butt-loads of tomatoes. 

So much kraut. Everywhere. 

The smoked fish area was superbly magical. The smell was even better. 

I was not joking about the endless kraut. 

All in all, the market was spectacular. 

Next we walked into the seedy area of town to get our explore on. 


We were told about the “black” market. Apparently they had old Russian passports, war metals and just various odd things. So we went of course. It was a straight junkyard. A weird place where life goes to die. It was sweet. 
Next we went back to the old town to do all the touristy sites. It was cool and stuff. 

A real nice cat. 

We is there. 


We walked out onto the bridge to take pictures. 

A ghost. 

Then we went up to a bar called the skyline bar at the top of a hotel for lunch and some sweet views. 

Now we are sitting in the airport waiting to get on a flight to Kiev. Duncs 6th flight in two days. My fourth. Let’s do this. 
See you guys in Ukraine. 


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