A little adventure in Copenhagen aka four exhausting hours. 

Dear readers, 

After landing at noon local time, Dunc had been on four flights, I two. We need sleep badly, neither of us have slept in the last day and a half. Seriously though, why would we sleep. We’re in Copenhagen! I’d like to apologize ahead of time for misspelt words and thoughts that don’t connect. We’re doing our best with what we got. 

We got on the metro straight away and hit the town. We wound through the pedestrian streets of central Copenhagen, looking for a place to have lunch, people watch and burn a bunch of time. We didn’t want to go somewhere super busy and feel like we needed to compete with overly caffeinated youths. We wanted something a little more chill.  

It look us a while. Being as tired as we were just breeds indecision.  

Finally we found a place that fit our needs. 

Traditional Danish sandwiches. 

Now we’re sitting in the airport with three rough-as-shit hours till our flight leaves for Riga, the Capitol of Latvia. 

Wish us luck dear readers. 


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