Dear readers, the adventure begins. 

Dear readers,

As I sit here in the banished S gates of Seatac airport, Dunc sits in the Baltimore airport. He just flew from Memphis to Cincinnati, then to Baltimore, gross.  We fly to Reykjavik, and then jump on the same flight to Copenhagen. Hopefully I’ll be able to provide you readers with some updates and general nonsense along the way. I’m sure you all know us, but in case any of the specifics are fuzzy, I’ll fill you in a little. My name is Paul, and my friend whom with I’m going on this adventure is named Dunc. We’ve traveled quite a bit together, Iceland, Austria, Bosnia, to name a few. We both like cats. We both enjoy a good Dunc Special (tortilla, cream cheese, hot sauce and lunch meat.) I like crumbled chips in mine. Unfortunately at around the time Dunc entered puberty, he was diagnosed with an incurable condition called “Mangea.” It basically means he has full coverage of hair across his whole body. Its kind of like a not so bad Wolf Boy thing. It’s not life threatening or anything, and he doesn’t want any sympathy or special treatment. I on the other hand have pretty normal hair coverage. Apart from differences in body hair, we’re just two normal dudes, about to get weird and have a blast in some foreign counties. I’ll try to keep you posted. 



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